“Why It’s a Bad Time to be a Conservative” - Favorite comment so far: “This is a good, well-reasoned line of thought and one I haven’t seen expressed quite this way before.” Multiple reading options: <practopian.org/cross-pos…>

Watched new movie The Courier last night. Always enjoy these films based on a true story. Who knew that Mrs. Maisel took a break from her family and her stand-up comedy career to don a blond wig, visit Moscow, and prevent a nuclear holocaust in the sixties? Go figure.

Snowpocalypse ‘21 has descended upon us in Seattle. However Hank, our 90-lb Golden Retriever, seems unperturbed. Here he is enjoying his after-breakfast chew in our backyard, as he does every morning.

A great day, not just for America, but for humanity: to witness the transition from a leader whose only conception of human relations was of leader and follower, to a set of leaders demonstrating so many dimensions of what it means to be part of a rich human community.

A teaser from my latest post, The Clown Coup: “For both Trump and his dedicated followers, however, (and perhaps for much of our society in this third decade of the 21st century), there seems to be little cerebral differentiation between play-acting and the real thing.”

And here’s the Little Free Library with its first load of books: A few I had laying around that were good enough to share but not destined to become part of the Permanent Collection.

Pauline and I got our Little Free Library installed yesterday. We have many in our neighborhood, but ours was the first on our block, and I’m looking forward to seeing the flow of books in and out.

As the result of work on my Mac app Notenik this year, I received a novel blessing from a user : May Allah increase you in your capacity for good. This feels like an apt sentiment to carry forward into the new year, and so I extend it to all of you as well.

Listening to the latest album from Sarah Jarosz this morning: World on the Ground. She’s been a favorite of mine ever since I enjoyed a performance of hers at the Tractor Tavern a few years back. Newest CD does not disappoint.

Digging into Doughnut Economics after the holidays, and loving it so far. Well-written, and thick with interesting information and ideas. 📚

Seattle has its share of coffee-lovers, but I’ll venture a guess that I may be the only one this Boxing Day who is enjoying a cup brewed with beans roasted in Mechanicsville, Virginia! Thanks to my brother Ken for the Christmas gift.